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Started by a teacher and a lawyer, neither of whom had any production, construction or disaster experience, over the last 12 years, SBP has evolved into the highest volume residential rebuilding non-profit in America. SBP was founded in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina because of compelling human needs, the commitment of American citizens who came from across our country to volunteer, and an unwillingness by SBP’s leaders to accept the status quo in disaster recovery. After 5 years, SBP partnered with Toyota’s TSSC, and adopted TPS as ethos and operating system. Immediate results were clear: SBP reduced construction time by 48 percent.

After applying root cause analysis and a 5 Why questioning, SBP has expanded operations. No longer satisfied by merely rebuilding homes, SBPutilizes 5 interventions, including Yokoten (sharing what works with other NGO’s) and a government advisory practice to achieve its mission of reducing time between disaster and recovery across America.

Over the last several years, American communities have been decimated by natural disasters that have increased in strength and that strike communities that were previously considered safe. In this presentation, Co-founder and CEO, Zack Rosenburg, will share how SBP utilizes TPS to simultaneously drive system level change and on-the-ground impact. Zack will talk about TPS resonating with diverse audiences, ranging from lay volunteers, AmeriCorps members to Governor and Mayor Appointed disaster recovery leaders.

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