yWorks Webinar: VSDX Export for yFiles

September, 11th, 2019

In this webinar we introduce the new VSDX Export add-on for yFiles for HTML. This add-on lets you export yFiles diagrams to Microsoft Visio’s *.vsdx file format.

The webinar consists of two parts:
The first part gives a general overview of the features and use cases of the VSDX export. We also demonstrate the minimal setup to get started.

In the second part we briefly explain Visio’s shape model and how the add-on converts yFiles graphs to Visio shapes, masters and style sheets.
Afterwards there is a live coding session, where we show how you can import Visio stencils and use its masters and style sheets as templates for
nodes. In the questions & answers of this second part we demonstrate how, for example, a company logo can be added to the created Visio file.

Learn more about the VSDX Export for yFiles for HTML here:

If you want to learn more about the webinars we have to offer, please visit https://yworks.com/webinars

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