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User Insights from the IRM UK Master Data Management Summit & Data Governance Conference Europe 2018

Amramanjari Singh, Data Quality Analyst, Thames Valley Housing

Established in 1966, the Thames Valley Housing Association (TVHA) is one of over 1,100 Housing Associations in England. With a vision for everyone to have a chance to build their lives from a base of a good home, and a mission of providing good quality affordable homes and invest in communities, TVHA works together and towards making a positive difference to the society.

Inevitably, for an organisation which directly or indirectly impacts so many lives there is an absolute necessity to master data that relates to compliance requirements, such as repair work and fire risk assessments etc. for the Properties and the Residents. This requires hybrid, multi-domain mastery of reference, master and analytical data for accurate decision support, operational and regulatory compliance requirements. To support this goal, TVHA applying a commercial MDM solution that leverages smart algorithms and material design to simplify data stewardship, governance and integration.

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