Your Future is Now: Perspectives on Next Generation Product Development Panel

Moderator: Dean Leffingwell, Panelists: Dr. Mik Kersten, Tasktop, Donald Reinertsen, Reinertsen Associates, Gene Kim, IT Revolution

Recorded at the 2020 Global SAFe Summit, Dean Leffingwell moderates a panel discussion with best-selling authors Gene Kim, Don Reinertsen, and Mik Kersten. The panel explores emergent trends in software and system development that can be applied now to help enterprises survive and thrive in the digital age. Here’s just a sampling of what was discussed during this fast-paced hour.

— The journey to business agility, roadblocks, and the path forward
— Queuing theory, flow efficiency, and the lack of understanding around WIP
— The thrashing caused by context switching
— The economic value created by the 18 million developers who aren’t in the FANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google)
— The ascension of transformation rebels
— A friendly debate around Deming’s product development process; what still holds true
— You don’t have to only do things that have high probability of success
— The ‘miracle’ of Toyota’s system design and the continual process improvement
— Lack of confidence in high-risk, high-gain initiatives compared to historical attitudes toward confidence and high risk
— One of Gene’s favorite graphs that show what happens to wait times as you ramp up utilization
— Recovering mistakes made in rapid deploys
— Facebook’s approach to reducing risk by creating concentric rings of exposure
— Etsy’s fast flow of features going into production
— How optimizing costs can increase costs and have no effect on customer value
— How senior leaders miss the importance of the economics of flow
— The contrasting views of portfolio management between product development and finance
— The next big focus: product value streams and elevating them to the business and the boardroom
— The book Gene Kim wanted to throw across the room

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