Yeet, gg, & Dece—Internet Slang Explained

The internet has the coolest slang for things. If something’s awesome, it’s lit, and if you land a bottle flip, that’s dope. Do a yeet or dab to celebrate. There’s also GOAT, dece, oof, and you hate to see it.

There are really cool words for gamers. Gg means good game, and you press F to pay respects. If you’re playing badly you could get tilted or rage quit. If you’re playing well you could yell “let’s go!” or “let’s get this bread” or pog or pogchamp or poggers.

If you want to sound really cool, just shorten words like awks, obvs, totes, and okie dokes. There’s also v good, vv good, vvv good, etc.

Last but not least there’s fam. People you care about are fam—friends, family, and especially doggos.

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