Working with Ambiguity – Donald Farmer Keynote | IRM UK ED & BIA 2018

Donald Farmer delivers the keynote,

“Working with Ambiguity”

at the Enterprise Data & Business Intelligence and Analytics Conference Europe 2018

We have all seen sales forecasts where next year’s number are projected down to the last penny. Many of our efforts in Business Intelligence suffer in a similar way from false precision. In today’s workplace, these old certainties are wearing away. With the growth of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, we need to become much more comfortable with the language of probability and inference.

In this Keynote, Donald Farmer will explore how business users can become more comfortable with ambiguous information. We’ll see how new styles of visualization and reporting can help to make predictive analytics more actionable. And we’ll look at decision making styles and organizational patterns that are more appropriate for this more complex world.

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