Working Towards Ethical Startups – Anil Dash – Lean Startup Week 2017

As the worst behaviors of startups and tech companies continue making news, it becomes more important than ever to think about how we build products and companies that are humane and ethical. Anil Dash will discuss how the stakes are even higher than we think, and what it takes to build companies that are worthy of the trust that our customers and communities invest in us.

Anil Dash is an entrepreneur and activist known as one of the most prominent advocates for a more inclusive and ethical technology industry. He is CEO of Fog Creek Software, the creators of Glitch, the friendly community that helps anyone make the app of their dreams.

Dash was an advisor to the Obama White House’s Office of Digital Strategy, and serves as a board member for Stack Overflow, the Data & Society Research Institute, the NY Tech Alliance, and the Lower East Side Girls Club. The New Yorker described Dash as a “”blogging pioneer”” for his Webby-recognized personal website which began in 1999, and for his early work in helping create some of the first blogging and social media publishing tools. Time named @anildash one of the best accounts on Twitter, and it is the only account ever retweeted by both Bill Gates and Prince, a succinct encapsulation of Dash’s interests.

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