Why we created Success Labs for our customers?

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Why Success Labs
Success Labs has come about based on the learning and user feedback over the last couple of years working with our community of users. Engage Process is a great tool that is easy to use and it also has massive depth and power to help you deliver improvement in your organisations. The purpose of Success Labs is to help you do improvement even better.

We see many users get going really quickly with the tools and deliver great results fast, but the challenge is you are only using the elements you needed for those first challenges. You only know what you know. People change and often training was a long time ago. Success Labs is a way for us to answer your questions and grow a knowledge base of answers to solve problems when you have them just by searching. We are sharing best practices and approaches to help you solve your problems.

The second key problem we see is how to connect users together and help share experience and critically lessons learned to help avoid repeating mistakes and waste. We do a lot of this through our 1-1 conversations but we wanted to create a more sustainable solution, a place where this can happen without needing us (but of course we will help). This is Success Labs online events and community.

We are creating content but it is not a community without you. To build the knowledge base and community we need you to ask questions so we (collectively) can solve your problems.

Please sign up and ask us anything!

Andy Sandford – Founder, We are Lean and Agile

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