Why use Engage Process?

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We are Lean and Agile offer software and services to help your organisation deliver continuous quality improvement and lean thinking.
With Engage software you can build process maps and models live in the workshops you organise. You capture not only the process flow but the times and cost as well. This way you get the full input of your team and never worry about missing data or documents again.
Given the recent restrictions due to the outbreak of Covid-19, remote access has been vital for all organisations and with their software being SAAS based you can take comfort that any employee can join in a process review wherever they may be stationed.
We are Lean and Agile believe that whilst face to face workshops are the preferred option, in large or dispersed organisations, it becomes a logistical nightmare to arrange. This will lead to delay (and subsequent potential cost to the organisation), potential cancellation or worse still, continuing with a group of users that do not give a true representation of the process. The end result being changes that can actually have a negative impact to the process and business in general.
With Engage, Communication with your stakeholders becomes a breeze because you no longer need to wait for them to have the time to meet with you or email you back. Engage’s powerful analysis tool helps you improve processes, reduce waste and boost your return on investment at the same time. Engage is the only tool you need to map, model and save so you can say goodbye to obsolete software.
The Engage process modeller includes mapping, modelling, analysis and process simulation, providing powerful environment for process modelling and design. The key features include design, workshop modes, evaluation and lean functions. It enables you to map your processes in a workshop friendly tool and share your processes immediately after, making this the most user-friendly mapping tool on the planet.

Find out more here https://www.weareleanandagile.com/

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