Why Product Analytics is critical for product teams?

Hey product guys,

We’re super excited to host Bhavik Patel for our August event. If you are curious about product analytics in startups, this event suits you perfectly!

We’ll talk about these hot topics:
– If you are a newbie at your startup, how could you create a Product Analytics structure?
– How to feed your business with product analytics
– How to choose the key metric for business success?
– How to choose your true metric for product growth?
– Building data skeletons at startup
– How to ship outcomes via product analytics?

Our Speaker:
Bhavik Patel
Head of Product Analytics

He’s also an experienced Product Analytics and Optimisation lead with a demonstrated history of working successfully across a number of industries. Skilled in analytics, marketing, conversion optimisation and leadership.

He’s now eagerly leading new growth opportunities with his team. Bhav has worked in analytics & growth strategy in a variety of roles for Gousto, Teletext Holidays, MOO, News UK, PhotoBox and consulted for many other startups.

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