Why Process Management Is Important To Every Organization!

I’ve always believed that the best organizations in the world have a strong process culture.

And to me that means everyone, in every team feels like what they do makes a difference.

They’re motivated to get it right, for their team mates and for their customers.

To achieve this – you need to be crystal clear on agreed process:
– They’re recorded – Everyone knows where to find them
– Processes are clear and easy to understand
– They’re relevant – they’re not just something that was written down years ago and never touched again.

I’m amazed at how many organizations still haven’t realised that the old visio flowcharts and word procedures just don’t cut it.

This might not seem like a big problem to some
– But if everyone has a slightly different opinion on the process
– If Customers experience a slightly different process every time
This can have a massive impact on business performance and team culture.

That’s why I founded Promapp.

Our number one priority:
– Making sure business teams actually find process information useful
– and process owners find it easy to improve processes.
We believe winning engagement with business teams is key. It can make a real difference to how they operate every day.

That’s why Promapp is
o Simple
o Social
o Processes are Shareable…
Because we want teams constantly collaborating on how they can work smarter.

In this new era of disruption – whether you’re big or small, global or local,
Whether you like it or not, the ability to innovate and improve has now become a survival factor.
And organizations that don’t understand this? – I just don’t think they’ll survive the pace of change.

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