Why Not Online-Only Lean Six Sigma Training, Then Project At Completion?

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Michael: Now, just to play the devil’s advocate so I can understand a little bit better, why not have individuals go through online training and then online individual problem-solving portions of a capstone project or an entire capstone project that an individual would solve rather than bringing people together and working as a team to solve it?

John: Well, because the major feedback we get is: “Yeah, the tools are not that hard, but wow, getting all these people to agree on which one to do next is tough.” Giving them that experience to work together as a team. Because we try to put them together — people that are strangers or maybe don’t work together every day just to see how they can function. Then we kind of ask them to rotate the leadership of team in each of the sessions, too; and that gets to be a real experience. So, a lot of the feedback we have gotten is that the big part of it was not only how do the tools all fit together, but wow, I did not know this team stuff was so tough.

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