Why is Online-Only Learning Not Optimal? What Wastes Are There?

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Michael: Yeah. So, you talked about a lot of different wastes of classroom learning, and I said I feel the same way. I am sure a lot of people watching this interview have felt all of those same wastes. Why not just go to online learning? Why is online learning only not as effective as possible?

John: Well, that is a good question, and learning comes by doing. And you really have to have an immediate application of the tools and the techniques, or the learning starts to fade. And I have seen Green Belts who were not assigned to their first project until several months after the training was over, and they had to really start over. So, the online learning, I think, really misses that human element. We do not push online only. A component of blended learning that can help you overcome this situation is something we call a capstone project. After the Department of Defense experience, we went ahead, on their request, and expanded this to a three-day project; and it allows their Green Belts to meet their project requirement right in class. And the class is divided into teams. They are given a problem. They have three structured days in order to solve that problem. And we have been told that, with that model, it is just a tremendous learning experience to pull this together. I just did one for a major rental car company, and they brought people in from all over the country. And it was a virtual class, and some of these people never met each other until they actually got into the capstone project, and it turned out to be a real good experience for them. So, we definitely think that there has to be face-to-face component of some sort.

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