Why Is Everything So Slow – Stephen Janaway

Being part of a start-up is fun. It’s dynamic, it’s exciting and while it’s often also chaotic, things get done at a fast pace. Being able to quickly react to changing customer needs or build and adapt technology solutions in order to pivot entire business models are what turns a successful startup into a scale up.

And it’s here where the problems can start. “Why is the Engineering team so slow?” stakeholders start to say. “It used to be so easy to get things done; what’s changed?”.

This is a story about being part of a rapidly scaling company where I’ve seen these issues play out in that move from start-up to scale-up. What have we done at Bloom & Wild to ensure that our Engineering team continues to deliver value, at a pace the business requires, as we get bigger and bigger and our codebases get older and more complicated?

This year the Engineering team grew 44%, continued to adapt to fully remote ways of working and delivered the technology integration of our first company acquisition, in less than 6 months and to high quality. I’ll use this example to frame some of the techniques, processes and tools that we’ve found successful as the company moved from start-up to scale-up.

Being part of a rapidly growing team and company is a really exciting place to be. Focusing on building for the future scale and avoiding stagnation and slowdown can help to keep it that way and in doing so you can really help best support the business and your team.

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