Why IKEA’s Infamous Manuals are Successful

IKEA is famous for their flat-packed, modern furniture. They are also (in)famous for their instruction manuals. So what makes IKEA’s assembly diagrams so successful?

IKEA’s assembly instructions are designed to be purely visual—they don’t use words to communicate. Instead, they focus on creating simple diagrams that clearly show step-by-step how to build the furniture. Visually displaying the instructions is more effective than a wall of text and gives the user an easy reference to follow.

Visual communication is also a universal language and doesn’t need to be translated. Everyone in the world can understand wordless diagrams.

If thinking visually helps the world’s biggest furniture retailer be more successful, what could it do for you?

Read more: https://www.fastcompany.com/3052604/how-ikea-designs-its-infamous-instruction-manuals


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