Why i would always map a process in discovery


Why I would always map the process in discovery
and why it would always be one of the first things I do
one thing I can confidently tell you about your processes
is that your assumptions about how they work are wrong

Few organisations truly understand what makes the process work
and more importantly what is making them not deliver for their users
why wouldn’t you want to understand your existing process?
When they have so much impact on user experience
post-its and physio don’t cut it in today’s world for process mapping
in our opinion they never really have
there is a much better way
to map and understand your processes
map your processes live in a virtual physical workshop
understand the time it takes you to deliver and why
understand the cost of delivering them to
and the benefits of changes and improvements
all automatically done in a single easy-to-use tool enable everyone to be involved in continuous improvement
reap the rewards of a CI culture in your organisation
reduce risk issues and waste
make better more objective decisions
based on data and evidence
time to stop gambling on your processes
and to grow your own CI stars
time to kickstart your recovery and improvement?
Have we got you interested?
Read our blog comparing post-its and video and engage process


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