Why Do Lean Manufacturing?

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This is the first video: Why Do Lean Manufacturing?

Here there is the transcript of the video:

Why Lean?

1. Lean …. is proven to work !

2. Focusing on 20% of problems, you will get 80% of the results

3. You can achieve good results and satisfy all stakeholders!

4. With Lean, you remove wastes from the processes

5. Lean is a way of thinking, and you can apply it in every field

6. You can embrace this way of thinking and lead the future….. or you can just keep on doing what you do ….. and see the others progressing

7. Lean is a business strategy and, above all, a way of working where everything and everyone in the company focuses on creating value for the customer in all processes

8. By focusing on the customer you can create your maximum added value with minimal effort

9. Lean
• Improves the quality
• Shortens lead times
• And reduces costs

10. Lean has a positive effect on:
• Customer satisfaction
• Employee motivation
• Profit

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