Why Business Analysts need to embrace Smart Management Oct 17 2019

To stay competitive, enterprises need to react rapidly to market dynamics. Decision-making and implementation of required transformations are made difficult by the complexity of business and the fact that most people, view change negatively.

It is therefore crucial that you have the right tools for successful and proactive business transformations, and change management, to ensure that the entire enterprise is united, agile and strategically collaborating towards a shared set of goals.

During the webinar, Kuno Brodersen, Co-founder & CEO of QualiWare, will give you an introduction to QualiWare X – the complete Smart Architecture & Smart Management tool for Business Analysts and Enterprise Architects.

Among others, you will see how to:

Create Business Ecosystems, to help you assess your enterprise to the market and the environment it operates within.
Create Digital Twins, enabling you to monitor, manage, and optimize your enterprise, assets, and similar business processes.
Improve your Customer Management, and gain new insights and perspective into the entire enterprise and its operations by identifying new opportunities.
Produce and implement Strategic Models, to identify new strategies and reach your goals, business opportunities, critical capabilities, outline strategic milestones, analyze the impact of digital disruption, and asses cost, risk, and strategy alignment to increase value generation and reduce time-to-value.


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