Whose Perspective Is It Anyway – Practical Techniques for Understanding Tricky Stakeholders

Business analysis is undoubtedly a ‘people profession’. It is difficult to imagine any large-scale change that could be progressed without the co-operation and co-ordination of a wide variety of stakeholders. Yet, it is rare to see unanimous stakeholder agreement—and in ‘messy’ situations we might find that stakeholders don’t even agree on the nature of the project or problem that we are trying to solve.

With complex and transformational projects we play a key role in balancing complementary and sometimes competing perspectives, and there are a number of tools in our BA toolkit that we can utilise.

In this practical session you will hear:

– A range of practical techniques for stakeholder categorisation and engagement that build upon traditional stakeholder modelling.
– Techniques for appreciating, discussing and balancing different stakeholder perspectives
– The importance of representing marginalised and ‘unheard’ groups when designing services

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