Who Has Implemented Lean Six Sigma Blended Learning?

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Michael: Let’s start with this question, John. What is one company that has implemented blended learning in the past year, and what results have they achieved?

John: Well, that is a good question. We have had several. I think one that comes to mind right off is Monsanto. Of course, being a content provider, we do not always get the numbers as far as the results go, but their enthusiasm is very high. And it is very typical, after their initial experience with blended learning, that they are very excited about it and expanded it to their worldwide network. So, we provided them courses in Spanish and Portuguese to do that; and we have noticed there has been just an awful lot of activity there with them. And we have also worked heavily with the Department of Defense, which is a office of the Secretary of Defense, which is rolling out, really, the first government-wide blended learning program. And they are pulling people in from sites all over the U.S.; in fact, all over the world into their blended courses.

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