What would you do without Lucidchart?

Our customers often rely on Lucidchart to do their jobs. So we asked them what they would do if we took Lucidchart away.

Most people were taken aback. They said they’d have to go back to their old ways (sticky notes, whiteboards, other diagramming software) and that those aren’t as good or take too much time.


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Don’t Be A Fish Out Of Water

We people are a nutty number. It would never occur to us to look at a fish as well as say, “Yeah. Certain. It can swim like a pro. But, can it climb up a tree? I really did not assume so!”

Project Collaboration – More Efficient Ways to Collaborate Online

When it concerns successfully managing a project there is nothing more vital than being able to work together on project modifications and problems. In the days prior to computer systems, project cooperation was performed in conference areas. Documents were moved back and also forth, issues were reviewed, new job timetables were drafted as well as the changes were ultimately supplied to the project foremen days and even weeks later.

Productivity and Results for Owners and Managers

When somebody is hired, they are expected to produce at certain degrees in order to help your company prosper and do far better than it was prior to they came on board. No one would employ a person understanding the reverse would certainly happen, yet how can you capture a poor staff member that is costing you money before it’s as well late and you’re out thousands of bucks?

“Green” Product Packaging Ideas

For years, cardboard has been used for product packaging and also carrying products with the supply chain. Cardboard is a functional packaging product. It can be generated promptly and also effectively and converted right into a huge variety of packaging layouts, in terms of weight, thickness, surface and also printing.

How to Discover Fears That Block Success – Part 2

In component 1, you learned one way to access your subconscious as well as find the reason for your fears. Chances are numerous of your actions possibly have shocked you. This is due to the fact that our concerns aren’t constantly rational.

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