What is virtual PI planning like for the EMEA team?

Verena Bergfors, Head of EMEA Marketing shares how virtual PI planning has been like for the EMEA team.

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Well, I guess virtual PI planning was the best thing that could happen to us really because before PI planning was condensed, like Steve mentioned, to two and a half days, which meant for us that there was a certain time that we could join live and the rest would be our morning time listening to recordings from the previous day.

And so, trying to catch up and then giving relevant feedback and input that then still makes it into planning for the next days in a demo was really difficult and it didn’t really feel…well, it wasn’t live obviously, it was half-live, so to say. And so, this really changed everything for us, having it on four days as being able to really be there live and not just, you know, catch up and give input at the same time. So, I thought that was…it couldn’t have gone better for us.

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