What Is the Value of Lean Use Cases?

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Business Use Cases Help You Manage Complexity

Use Case Models are well suited to build a product backlog. They are the ideal tool to identify, clarify, and organize functional software requirements for a digital solution.

Use Cases define the interactions between people and technology. As a business user of IT solutions, a Use Case enables you to talk to technologists about your IT business needs in a manner they can understand. As a technical professional, a Use Case enables you to talk about technology to the business community without using technical jargon.

Lean Use Cases are becoming the de facto standard for defining and communicating functional requirements in Lean and Agile environments. Applying the Lean philosophy of waste reduction to the Use Case concept creates a powerful tool for communication to and within a Lean or Agile Software Development team.

User Stories and other forms of textual requirements often lack context making room for ambiguity. Use Case Models, however, provide this context and are easily understandable by all stakeholders, including customers, users and managers, not just developers and testers.

Writing a Lean Use Case is a skill that anyone in an organization can easily acquire. Learning how to write and manage Lean Use Cases at varying levels of detail is a major step in getting your IT applications to do what you want them to do. Knowing why you need a Lean Use Case, when to create one (especially in a lean environment), and where to put what information is critical to creating high-quality functional requirements.

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