What Is Takt Time, How to Calculate, Why Is Important – Takt Time Tutorial – Episode 1

Everything about Takt Time in this video. What is Takt Time and all the other aspects are explained. Not only a formula but the base of all the calculations related to the Lean Transformation.

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👉 Transcript of the Video

▶ What Takt Time is, how to calculate it, and why it is useful.

In this video, I will explain everything about Takt Time.

I will not just stop at the formula, but I will also explain how to use it in an effective way.

I will also clarify why Takt Time is considered one of the most important numbers in lean manufacturing.

Takt Time is a fundamental concept relating to having a smooth flow through all stages of production from raw materials to the customer.

Takt Time is similar to the concept of a metronome (from the German origin of the word Takt).

▶ Takt Time Formula

The formula to calculate it is:

Takt Time = Available Time / Customer Demand

Note that there are 2 variables.

The first relates to the customer.

The second relates to the plant manager.

So if the demand changes, the manager should change the available time to keep the same Takt Time whenever possible.

For example, the plant manager could use overtime to increase the available time.

The available time is the current production time after deducting scheduled maintenance, lunch, breaks, team meetings, etc.

The customer demand is the average of sales by adding test parts, spare parts, and percentage of rejects.

▶ Takt Time Example

Let’s look at an example:

You are in charge of a production line that has an available time of 240 minutes per day.

Customer demand is 120 pieces per day.

Takt Time is = 240/120 = 2 minutes = 120 seconds.

But what does Takt Time = 120 seconds mean?

It means that, ideally, a customer shows up at the gate of your production line to pick up a purchased piece.

All clear so far?

▶ Takt Time Calculation Tips

Some tips to calculate Takt Time.

1) Make sure the whole team is aligned with the customer request.
Ask everyone involved in the process what the customer request is.
When everyone agrees and is informed, take a large sheet of paper and make the information large and visible.

2) Don’t be too optimistic about the time available.
If you are not very experienced, it is better to lose a few percentage points of resource efficiency rather than not satisfying the customer.
There will be time to improve during the Lean Journey.

3) For Takt Time, it is better to use seconds as the unit of measurement.
Using minutes and hours, you will have to use decimal numbers with many possibilities for confusion.

▶ Conclusions.

In this video, I explained how to calculate Takt Time in different production conditions and which points to pay close attention to.

In the next videos, I will explain how Takt Time is used to:

– Check to see if there are bottlenecks in the production line.
– Identify the constraints of the production line.
– Size the number of people needed for the production line.
– Target kaizen events to balance the line and remove waste.



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