What is Resilience – A 6 Steps Process to Manage Stressful Events

What is Resilience – What is your coping style?

Coping is described as the process of managing the demands of a stressful event.

In this video, you will get introduced to resilience and a tool that helps you become aware of the coping style you are using to handle a current challenge, and learn a more adaptive way of coping, if needed.

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▶ Transcript of the video

Hello, this is Florence from Lean4U

A consultancy dedicated to process optimization, training programs coaching and mentoring.

Large or small crisis adversity happens, but of life is to manage the demands of stressful events, and we obviously differ in the way in which we deal with difficult situations in general.

We can differentiate between helpful and helpful ways of dealing with difficult situations and why some people give up and succumb to their despair others persist and face life’s biggest challenges with hope and resignation.

Resilience is associated with quality such as Inner Strength competence optimism flexibility and the ability to cope effectively when faced with a challenge resilience is not something that you have or you don’t have it actually means a lot working on yourself and it involves behaviors thoughts and actions that can be learned and developed in anyone.

What can increase our residence is minimizing the impact of risk factors such as stressful life events and also enhancing protective factors such as optimism social support and active coping.

So resilience is about bouncing back.

It’s about coping with adversity.

▶ But how do you develop your resilience?

There are plenty of tools methodologies, but there is one thing that maybe you want to start with which is actually to become aware of what coping style is it that you’re using to handle a situation difficult situation and maybe learn a more adaptive way of coping if needed.

Research has identified four main coping styles that are adaptive or helpful when you deal with a difficult situation and two others that are not so adaptive or not such a powerful when you deal with difficult situations.

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