What is Quality | Quality Definition

Quality cannot be really explained by only one parameter. To define what is quality you have to know your customers and work in a team.

The video is presenting what is quality information but also try to cover the following subject:
– Quality definition
– Quality meaning
– Product quality

✏️ Transcript of the video

It is not easy to define what quality is.

Often the definition of quality is approached with excellence,
good materials etc. but this is not always the case.

Quality is in our customer’s mind.

▶ Quality Definition Example

I’ll give you an example:

If a customer wants to buy a car he could consider it as parameters
quality the following characteristics.

– Appearance
– Fuel consumption
– Comfort
– Brand
– Reliability
– Price

Combining these six parameters and obtaining a single quality value is not easy.

Additionally, one customer might value a high price as a hallmark of uniqueness while another might value a low price as a key feature.

In summary, the quality of a product or service is that which meets the customer’s value system.

It could therefore happen that a customer might evaluate your company’s product as low quality even if the product has characteristics that you consider excellent.

The reason for this difference is that the value system of the customer and your company are not aligned.

▶ Conclusions


Therefore, to define what quality is, it is essential to meet and talk with customers.

It is essential that a cross-functional team works to understand what customers perceive as quality before even making the product.



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