What is Line Balancing

What is Line Balancing and how to improve manufacturing productivity by Yamazumi Chart.
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Here there is the transcript of the video:

Dear Members,

In this video you will learn :
How to improve productivity in a process
What is Yamazumi and how to use it
What is Line Balancing and how to do it

What is Yamazumi?

Image your process is done by 6 working stations with work content described as in this graph.

To improve and increase productivity the first tools to use is Yamazumi.

How to use Yamazumi Chart:

Step 1: Divide each process in micro-work contents

Step 2: For each micro-work content, you have to ask yourself if it is

· Value added ( does change the product?)

· Is it a waste?

· Semi Value added (is waste required by the customer)

Step 3: Run kaizen events to remove the waste

The outcome of the Yamazumi workshop is to reduce Cycle time and improve productivity by removing wastes.

After Yamazumi workshop, you have to focus on Line balancing

What is Line Balancing?

Referring to the previous process, you observe that there are differences between work station load (from 4 sec to 12 sec) and there is too much waiting time comparing the Takt Time.

The cycle time is 42 sec and your Takt time is 15 sec.

How many people theoretical is necessary to run this process?

Let us imagine that in the current condition the process is designed with 1 operator for each station.

To calculate the theoretical number of operators, the staffing formula is used:

Cycle Time divided Takt Time.

In this example:

42 sec divided 15 sec equal around 3 people (2.8 people)

Because of this difference between the current process and the theoretical staff, it is possible to run a kaizen event to balance work content between stations and combine the working activities between stations to go from 6 operators to 3 operators.



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