What is Lean Six Sigma Blended Learning?

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Michael: So, we talked about in-person training. I think everybody understands what that means. You go to a physical location and you sit there for a day, or five days, or what have you. When I went through my Black Belt training, I had four weeks of a week in duration each, separated by, I think, two to three weeks in between those four or five weeks. I think we might have had some facilitation training as well as the DMAIC training. And so, we understand online training, where I can go and watch some videos and it will walk me through, and maybe there are some quizzes. But what does it mean to do blended learning, John?

John: Blended learning is a combination of all those things. And the idea of the blend is to get everybody together, first of all. It is not all online; it is not all in classroom. But when you get people into class, there is a lot of waste that takes place. In fact, I will share with you here in a little bit the eight wastes of classroom learning. And the idea is to prepare people coming into class. So, first of all, you level-set everybody, and so everybody comes in exposed, at least, to the same amount of material and people a little bit behind in statistics can get themselves caught up. If they say: “Well, I am fairly advanced in this stuff anyway,” which is kind of rare, but you get one once in a while, they can kind of work through that stuff a little bit faster. So, once you get into the classroom then, you do not have to spend a lot of time going over the basics. People have the basics already, but you spend your time saying: “Okay, now here is what you have learned and here is how you actually apply it on the job. Here is what it means to you.” And so, blended learning is using all of these different social media outlets. It can be pre-reading. It can be research on websites. It could be wiki sites. Lots of things. There are lots of possibilities.

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