What is Fault Tree Analysis?

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“Fault Tree Analysis”
The Fault Tree Analysis is a method that uses logic and probabilities to identify and address the causes of equipment-related failures. Learn the components of the fault tree and the steps to creating the diagram.

Fault Tree Analy­sis is a top-down, deduc­tive approach to under­stand­ing how a series of low­er-lev­el events can result in an unde­sired event, acci­dent, or equip­ment fail­ure. This dia­gram uses a set of sym­bols to rep­re­sent for­mal log­ic and to assign prob­a­bil­i­ties. Per­form­ing Fault Tree Analy­sis helps us to under­stand how spe­cif­ic sys­tems can fail, assign risk rates, and iden­ti­fy the best ways to reduce these risks.

Videos included in this new course:
• What Is a Fault Tree Analysis? (unlocked)
• How to Do a Fault Tree Analysis
• Getting Started with Fault Tree Analysis

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