What is Emotional Intelligence and 4 Tips For EQ Development

What is Emotional Intelligence and actionable tips to improve it are the main topics of this video.

This video is showing Emotional Intelligence but also try to cover the following subject:

– Define Emotional Intelligence
– How to Have Emotional Intelligence
– How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

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✏️ Here There Is the Transcript of the Video

▶ What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand, and process emotions in yourself and other people.

To have good emotional intelligence is crucial to avoiding bad behaviors that could lead to an unsatisfactory outcome or poor relationship both in personal and work environments.

Emotional intelligence is scored with a value named EQ, Emotional Quotient, and it is different from the famous IQ, Intelligence Quotient, that is the measure of a person’s reasoning ability.

The EQ was popularized by Daniel Goleman in 1995 by his book Emotional Intelligence.

To be a great leader, it is important to be balanced between the IQ and the EQ.

If you want to know more about your EQ, you can find many online tests to assess your score.

Let us go into details.

▶ The Emotional Intelligence Framework can be summarized in 4 quadrants.

Social Awareness
Social Management

The “self” quadrants refer to the ability to identify our own emotions and manage them.

The “social” quadrants refer to the ability to identify the emotions of others and manage then to guide the situation.

▶ Let me try to explain with a couple of examples.

Let us imagine you had a small car bump during your home-to-work commuting.

Probably you are a little bit stressed and angry.

If you have good emotional intelligence, you will call on your self-awareness to understand your feelings and then your self-management to postpone the meeting you have with your colleagues.

The other example is related to the social quadrants.

You have noticed that one member of your team is happy when he has to produce reports with some data analytics.

Based on this social awareness and management skill, you decide to give him more reports to produce when needed and reinforce this skill with a training course.

As with many other kinds of intelligence, the EQ is based on genetics, the environment, and your own personal story. The good news is that your EQ can be developed.

▶ Here there are some easily actionable tips to improve your EQ.

1) To improve your Self-Awareness, ask for feedback from your peers.

2) To improve your Self-Management, make reflections on the last time you were overburdened. If you felt bad, try something different next time to overcome the bad feelings.

3) To improve your Social Awareness, proactively arrange some “get to know each other sessions” with colleagues. Remember to ask open questions and use active listening.

4) To improve your Social Management, if someone hurts you, pause, reflect, and avoid reacting immediately.

▶ Conclusions:

EQ is vital to be a good leader and lead the change.

So it is extremely important to have a good EQ and develop it.

Remember, EQ is not about being cold and resistant to emotions, it is about understanding and managing the emotions in a way that gives benefits to you and your team.

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