What Is Digital Transformation – A Brief Introduction With Examples, Process and Statistics

Digital Transformation is not just about moving information from paper to a PC.

It’s about going beyond the traditional boundaries of IT and leveraging new technologies, like cloud computing, big data, social media, mobile devices, and more.

Learn how this can help your business succeed in today’s marketplace by watching this video.

Text and Concept by Andrea Manti, CBDO at Lean Community.

🔖 Chapters:

▶ Intro (0:00)
▶ Why Digital Transformation (1:15)
▶ Digital Transformation Examples (1:48)
▶ Digital Devices (4:10)
▶ Digital vs Digitization (5:44)
▶ Statistics on Digital Transformation (7:18)

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✏️ Here is the summary of the transcript of the video

▶ What is Digital Transformation?

Well, let’s start from what IS NOT:
It is not the digitization, the process of converting information into a digital format.

▶ So what is Digital Transformation?

It’s a wide transformation process that embraces the whole organization.

This transformation engages all processes and employees, and it’s built on a different strategic vision about how the organization itself should act and react, with a radical shift in the mindset of the employees

▶ Why do we say strategic vision and implementation?

Because the mindset shift means to integrate all new technologies into all areas of the organization and the way we deliver our business.

The change should impact the way they THINK our business, how we interact with our customers, how we manage our data, how we organize our production process, how we deliver our products, how we plan future business, and so on.



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