What is Continuous Improvement – 4 Points to Create the CI culture.

What is continuous improvement explained in 4 points.

What is a continuous improvement is not an easy answer and we tried to give you 4 pillars to follow.

Here the text of the video:

The 4 requirements to create a Continuous Improvement Culture.

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Continuous Improvement is changing for the better.
Do the work, Be the change!

It means new ideas are generated, tested, refined, and implemented by everyone, every day, everywhere.

To create a Continuous Improvement Culture, you need:

1) WILL – You have to believe that good enough never is. You need to foster an environment of curiosity … Why? Why not? What if?

2) SKILL – It is about development, and it takes time and effort

3) AUTHORITY – Truly authorize everyone to make improvements. You’re engaged because you feel empowered to drive change.

4) GUIDANCE – It is about boundaries, learning, and development.



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