What is Agile Marketing? | LAMP ep3

What Is Agile Marketing? Who is Agile Marketing for? How does it look like and what more can we achieve with a leaner marketing team? Today we discuss these questions with one of the thought leaders promoting this change – Yuval Yeret, the CTO of Agile Sparks.

00:01:17 – What is Agile Marketing? What is it not?
00:02:30 – The essence of Agile Marketing
00:04:07 – Why do we need Agile Marketing? What’s wrong with traditional marketing?
00:05:36 – Marketing case study: traditional team vs Agile team
00:06:28 – The issue of silos and collaboration
00:08:20 – Marketers are burning out trying to juggle everything
00:10:01 – Practices: How do you plan in Agile Marketing environment?
00:14:08 – The Agile Sins: if you are doing this, you’re just faking it.
00:18:20 – How can I get started with Lean Agile transformation?
00:22:04 – A successful Agile Marketing team looks like this
00:25:49 – One most important piece of advice

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