What is a Takt Time Bar Chart. Useful for Bottleneck Analysis – Takt Time Tutorial – Episode 2

The Takt Time Bar Chart is a visual and useful tool to visualize where bottlenecks are in the production process.

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▶ Takt Time Bar Chart

In the previous video, I explained how to calculate the takt time.

Now let’s see the first use to identify what the bottleneck of a production line could be.

Let’s imagine we have a production line with 4 operations.

– Welding
– Benching
– Painting
– Assembly

For each of these operations, there are the following cycle times for each piece.

– 50s
– 120s
– 180s
– 100s

▶ Cycle Time Definition

I remind you that the definition of cycle time that I use is: “The cycle time is the time between 2 process starts”.

This definition of cycle time can be confusing when observing batch processes such as painting or heat treatments.

In this case I suggest you go to the gemba, observe and decide with the team how to manage the definition according to your needs.

Returning to the example of the line, through the takt time and the “Takt Time Bar Chart” tool you can easily identify if there are bottlenecks and what is the process that regulates the speed of the line.

▶ Takt Time Bar Chart in 5 Steps

Let’s see how it is done in this image.

❇ Step 1 – Draw a pair of Cartesian axes.

❇ Step 2 – Draw a red line at the TAKT TIME.

❇ Step 3 – For each process of the production line, trace a column as high as the cycle time.

❇ Step 4 – See which column exceeds the takt time.

❇ Step 5 – All the columns that exceed the takt time are the bottlenecks of the production line.

All bottlenecks are immediately subjected to KAIZEN events to bring them back below the takt time.

If there are bottlenecks, the customer’s request cannot be satisfied.



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