What is a Sandwich?

It’s time to learn about the Cube Rule of Food, which classifies food into categories based on the location of the starch.

If a food only has starch on the bottom, that’s toast. So nagiri sushi is toast, and so is a slice of pumpkin pie. Apple crisp is toast, but with the jam side down.

Sandwiches have starch on top and bottom. Hamburgers, quesadillas, and some cookies are sandwiches. Is a hot dog a sandwich? NO. A hot dog is a taco, because it has starch on three sides. So tacos are tacos, and sub sandwiches are tacos.

Four sides of starch make food a sushi. Taquitos are sushi, along with fajitas. If there is starch on five sides, that’s a quiche. Cheesecakes, ice cream cones, and pita sandwiches are quiches.

Finally, we arrive at the calzone, which is food that is completely encased in starch. Ravioli is a calzone. There’s also the sweet calzone, creamy calzone, carnival calzone, and the Colonel Sanders calzone. That’s right. Fried chicken is a calzone.

There are exceptions, like the salads. Cold cereal and mashed potatoes are salads. So is steak. There’s also the cakes, like lasagna. Lasagna is a beef cake, kinda like this guy is a total beef cake.

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