What is a Project Charter

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Explained here what is a project charter with the core elements.
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Here the transcript of the video:

what is a project charter?

It is a document where you and the team has to write down
the information about the project you have to carry out.

You have to start to write the project charter at least 6 weeks
before starting a Lean Six Sigma project.

Then, you have to do in a team.

One of the main goals of the project charter is to align the team
and focus the team members on the target.

* Project Charter Contents:

1) The Title
Very simply. What is the title of the project?

2) Business Case and Problem Statement
You have to explain why the business has to spend money on this project.

3) Team Members
Who will work on this project?
Team Leader
Team Members
Process Owner

4) Duration
Every project has to have a date of start and a date of finish

5) Critical to Quality
A good project has to have a measurable characteristic that is significant for the customer and the business.

6) Savings
We do a project to reduce wastes and produce savings.

7) Constraints
Write down any constraint the team sees on its roadmap.

8) Timeline.
The improvement project has to be ideally divided into phases, and any phase has to have a starting date and a duration.



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