What Is a Project – A Basic Knowledge for the Lean Journey

To be successful in the Lean Journey, you have to know the basics of project management. What is a project is the first step to know.

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▶ Why Is Useful to Know What Is a Project

If you are a Lean Specialist, a Lean Manager, an Operation Manager and you have to face a Lean Transformation, I think it is useful for you to know the basics of Project Management.

Implementing a pull system, creating a work cell, changing the way of working by introducing the Lean Morning Meeting, are all examples of changes that may need project management basics.

Let’s go.

▶ What is a project?

A project is a temporary initiative undertaken to create a product, service, or result with unique characteristics.

The temporary nature of the projects indicates a definite beginning and end.

For example: Create the Value Stream Map of the XYZ product family

▶ When a Project Ends

The end is reached when the objectives of the project have been obtained or when the project is finished because it is not possible, even due to impossibility, to achieve these objectives or when the need for the project no longer exists.

The temporary term does not necessarily indicate a short duration or does not generally apply to the product, service or result created on the project.

Most of the projects are undertaken to create a lasting result.

▶ A Project is Unique

Each project, that is a unique product, service, or result.

Although repetitive elements may be present in the deliverables of some projects, between repetitions it does not change the fundamental uniqueness of the project’s work.

For example, The Value Stream Map of a product is the same Lean Tool but is applied in a unique way to each product family.

▶ The Project Team

Ongoing work engagement is generally a repetitive process as it follows an organization’s existing procedures.

Project activities may be new to a project team, which will therefore need specific planning compared to other routine work.

In addition, projects are undertaken at all organizational levels. A project can involve a single person, a single organizational unit or multiple organizational units.

▶ What You Can Create With a Project

A project can create:

– A product that can be a component of another product or a finished product in itself.

– The ability to perform a service.

– A result or document (for example, a research project that develops knowledge)

Some examples of projects include:

– Develop a new product or service

– Making changes in an organization’s human resources structure or management style

– A new or changed informational organization

– Construct a building or infrastructure

– Implement a new business process or procedure

As you have seen, whenever you need to implement a Lean Tool you will start a project and therefore the knowledge of this definition will be useful.



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