What Happens When a Lean Six Sigma Deployment Plan Goes Badly

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What happens when a Lean Six Sigma plan goes badly? What does that look like? A lot of disgruntled people, a lot of arguing among management, a lot of arguing over financial benefits, a lot of arguing over we-haven’t=let-anybody=go-yet — you know, that sort of thing. The people really haven’t got, most could go wrong. There’s two failure modes that are predominant. One is just a lack of buy-in from the leadership. Again, that’s where we do the deployment plan with the leadership, but the other one is once we are getting into the same is providing inadequate support to the people who are out there being the change agents. It is not an intuitive thing for most people of how to be a change agent. There is a guidance needed. If you just sit in the class and expect them to understand without some adult guidance it’s not going to work…s is a great learning environment, and people are excited, and people are energized.

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