What Exactly Is Requirements Elicitation

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DESCRIPTION (lesson 1.2)
Instructor Tom Hathaway presents an introduction to requirements elicitation (aka requirements gathering, defining business requirements, gathering stakeholder requirements, etc.). He also defines the challenges that those tasked with getting the right requirements from the right people face in today’s world. Tom concludes the lesson with a look at the skill sets needed for today’s workforce.

This 90-minute course describes the concept of eliciting requirements and explains its necessity. It defines and contrasts 5 specific types of interviews for helping subject matter experts discover their requirements. Since interviewing is not an intuitive skill, we also present a wide range of interviewing techniques and define the characteristics of a good requirements interviewer. To guide you through the intricacies of conducting group interviews, we dedicate an entire section to facilitating Requirements Gathering Workshops (JAD, RDW, User Story Workshops, etc.), a powerful requirements definition technique for cross-functional groups on traditional and Agile software development methodologies.

Upon completion of the entire course, you can:
• Define and distinguish five specific requirements elicitation approaches from one-on-one Requirements Interviews to Requirements Gathering Workshops
• Evaluate the pros and cons of each approach for your organization and project
• Prepare, perform, and manage effective requirements gathering interviews and workshops
• Use informational and active listening to discover hidden requirements during interviews and workshops
• Recognize the specific challenges and strengths of facilitated requirements workshops involving cross-functional groups of stakeholders
• Improve your interviewing skills by analyzing the best-practice attitudes and characteristics of effective interviewers

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