What Does Learning Mean to Your As a Lean Six Sigma Corporate Leader?

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Michael: What does learning mean to you, as a corporate leader?

John: Well, it is a lot of things. It is obviously the live in-person training. You have got that both in the classroom and you have got that virtually as well. And with some of the latest innovations we have seen, just like the Skype call we are on right now, you are seeing a tremendous increase in the number of people taking this approach. You have got online courses, but the important thing here is learning needs to extend past that. To really get a return on an investment, you have got to look at the projects, you have got to look at the post-training activities — the case studies, the hands-on activities — what happens after the classroom as well. So, it really takes on a broader context. And also, along with that, we are really seeing an increase in the social media, which gives us an ability to collaborate and get answers very quickly. I mean who would have thought fifteen years ago, when we started all this Lean Sigma stuff, that we would have people wanting to learn Six Sigma watching their telephone while out on the treadmill. It is that type of thing. And we have collaboration websites. We have wikis in a lot of organizations that allow people to share. And the whole thing here is we are getting organizational knowledge, we are able to expand that knowledge, and then make it available to everybody else.

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