Webinar: What’s new in yFiles 2019

In this webinar, we show the new features developers can use in 2019 when they update to the latest versions of their yFiles diagramming SDKs.

The webinar consists of two parts:
The first part is about features that are available in all platforms (Java, .net, Web). We show new features and functionality concerning automatic graph layout and graph analysis algorithms. We show the new compactness options for the hierarchic and the tree layouts, and the integrated labeling and bus layout feature of the generic edge routing algorithm.

The second part is specifically about yFiles for HTML, the software diagramming API for the web. We show NPM module bundling, EcmaScript Modules, and ES2015+ features, as well as code completion improvements for Visual Studio Code and WebStorm. We also present the new CSS animation and styling features and the improved WebGL and Canvas support.

Learn more about the many features of the library here:


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