Webinar Recording: Solutions for Sustaining an Improvement Program

Presented by Chris Burnham, Hosted by Mark Graban

Q&A will be released separately…

In this webinar you will learn:

– How to navigate the different roles you will have to play as a Continuous Improvement Leader
– About the different constituencies that you need to identify and serve as an effective Continuous Improvement Leader
– Some countermeasures to the common pitfalls and mistakes that frustrate improvement leaders with sustainment of improvement programs

About the Presenter:
Chris Burnham is a Continuous Improvement Program Manager at Wright Medical, in Memphis.

Chris is a results-oriented, award winning leader who understands how to motivate and lead diverse teams to deliver significant results to the bottom line. He passionate about generating a high level of employee engagement to create leaders at every level of the organization.

Chris has a BS in Criminal Justice (yes, that’s right) from Western Carolina University.

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