Webinar: Organic Graph Layout with yFiles – the diagramming SDK

In our webinar, we give you an overview of the yFiles organic layout. We introduce you to its applications and characteristics giving various examples. After discussing the layout’s main features and capabilities, we take a closer look at integrating sublayouts such as parallel structures, stars and tree structures. Altogether, you will learn the basics on how to assess whether the organic layout is suitable for your data as well as the basics on how to use and configure the organic layout in yFiles for your needs.


Learn more about yFiles: https://yworks.com/yfiles
Evaluate yFiles for free: https://my.yworks.com/

00:00 Introduction
01:07 About yWorks
04:24 About yFiles
07:27 Organic Layout | Introduction
09:14 Organic layout | Principles
14:00 Organic layout | Use cases
16:07 Organic layout | Basic layout
39:25 Organic layout | Advanced Layout
43:20 Organic layout | Limitations
46:56 Q&A Session

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