Webinar: Leveraging Strategy Deployment to Effectively Respond to the Unexpected

How Hoshin Kanri Builds Organizational Resilience.

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Traditional strategic planning helps articulate an organization’s path forward and the means to get there–provided a given business context. But what happens when the context abruptly changes—as in a pandemic? That’s when lean strategy development—or Hoshin Kanri—demonstrates its superiority.

As the global Covid-19 pandemic upended well-laid plans, disrupting industries in every sector and region of the world, organizations using the Hoshin Kanri process demonstrated a clear competitive advantage. Hear the story of how one of those companies that leveraged the Hoshin Kanri process to quickly pivot its strategy to meet the abruptly changed business conditions caused by the pandemic.

Hoshin Kanri not only defines True North and sets out the strategic path, but also defines the management system to execute on it. Through this process, organizational leadership aligns to purpose and content of the objectives. Also, through this alignment and through strategic delegation of responsibility for initiatives, hoshin kanri ensures an organization’s ability to quickly accomplish objectives and to respond, as needed, to unforeseen business conditions. Learn how you can adopt this powerful practice by viewing this webinar.

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