Webinar: Learn Lean Together Through the LEI Book Club Exploring The Gold Mine, w/Michael Balle

Understand and work through the messy human side of implementing lean principles – and gain the technical know-how needed to apply them.

Join leading lean thinker Michael Balle in our first LEI Book Club to share the ideas in his book The Gold Mine (co-authored with his father, Freddy.)

Since its 2005 publication, The Gold Mine has sold tens of thousands of copies, won the Shingo Award, launched two successful sequels, and most importantly, spawned countless study groups within companies seeking to apply its ideas to their practice. This novelized account of a lean turnaround captures the rough, messy journey of any lean initiative. The book’s insights, epiphanies, and essential information have helped a generation of lean thinkers reflect on their efforts.

Participants will review the book’s core ideas—and engage in a conversation about how specific teaching points apply to their experience. Which problems and discoveries in this book triggered your humble inquiry? What types of experiments, setbacks, and, hopefully, lessons did this book prompt for you?

This event will not only help you reflect on your lean journey, but it will also help you rededicate yourself to it.

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