Webinar: How to Develop and Execute New Strategies for the New Era in Business

These times demand a new way of looking at business strategy because the way we worked before the pandemic probably won’t work in the post-pandemic business world — whatever that turns out to be.

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To help with your pivot, the nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute will offer a free webinar introduction to Strategy Deployment (also known as Hoshin Kanri), taught by Mark Reich, who spent seven years in Toyota’s corporate strategy division where he managed and implemented its North American strategic processes and activities.

Joining Mark for this webinar means you’ll discover:
• A tested approach for applying Strategy Deployment that creates a clear strategic framework, strengthens problem-solving capabilities, and motivates team members.
• How Strategy Deployment breaks down and solves company problems at every level for superior and sustained performance.
• Why it should be a core process for defining and creating annual objectives and developing people based on those objectives.
• What is the relationship of Strategy Deployment (which functions like a company skeleton) to A3 problem solving (which functions like muscle).
• How to build the structure of plan-do-check-act (PDCA) at individual and corporate levels.
• How to start developing a plan to implement Strategy Deployment in your own organization.
• Releases creativity in each team member by involving them in a dialogue about corporate objectives.

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