Webinar: How Lean and C.I. Help You Get More Nimble and Adaptive in a Pandemic (and Beyond)

Presented by
John Toussaint, MD, Executive Chairman, Catalysis
Skip Steward, MBA, Vice President and Chief Improvement Officer, Baptist Memorial Health Care
Greg Jacobson, MD, CEO of KaiNexus

Hosted by Mark Graban

In this webinar, co-sponsored by KaiNexus and Lean Frontiers, you’ll hear an esteemed panel talk about how Lean and continuous improvement mindsets have served some healthcare organizations well during the pandemic. Learn how one such organization is “better because of the pandemic and continues to get better.” You’ll hear about organizations that have made a deeper commitment to their employees during these challenging times through no layoff / no furlough commitments.

We’ll talk about that and we’ll answer live questions from the audience. Even though the panel consists of healthcare leaders, we know the lessons and ideas will be applicable to any sort of organization.

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