Webinar: A Spotlight on Leaders: Re-Thinking the Retail Food Industry

Watch a discussion about the approaches used to design and develop Connecticut’s hottest new restaurant concept: Haven Hot Chicken. ​Their “minds before wallets” approach centered on developing a deep understanding of customer value through experimentation (pop-ups) and then leveraging their team’s ideas to build a brand and operation that delivers – even during a global pandemic.​

Learn more about lean thinking and practice at https://lean.org.


1. Consider a new approach to defining guest value and how to leverage an empathic model to manifest that value across the guest journey​.

2. Understand how a team with diverse perspectives and mutual respect can make magic given the space and proper conditions​.

3. Find inspiration in turning 30-minute ticket times into a 34-second line-off rate​.

4. Bring your curiosity about the challenges that are ahead and how the team might tackle them​.

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