Webinar – A New Generation of MDM

Master Data Management (MDM) is moving from the back office to a occupy a central position in business models. This is not hype from MDM tool vendors, but a genuine fundamental shift that is empowering competitive advantage in enterprises that adopt the new generation of MDM. In this webinar we explain what is driving this shift and how data governance and data management patterns that comprise MDM are changing to support it. For instance, we explain how Data Privacy is not just a regulatory requirement but represents a movement to gain trust from customers in order to deliver personalized services. Similarly, Product MDM is discussed in the context of an even greater rate of change as the current Covid-19 crisis accelerates the long-term trend away from bricks and mortar retail to eCommerce and all the data requirements that go with it. The impact of these new forms of MDM for data processionals is explained, together with what data professionals need to position themselves as the new MDM trends continue into the new decade.

Attendees with learn:

• What the increasing strategic importance of MDM means
• What is included in the new MDM practices and technologies
• What all this means for data professionals.

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