Weaving Ethics into Product Management

Weaving ethics into product management – the value diversity, dissent, and deliberate practice brings to the products we build and the communities we serve.

About our speaker:

Tanya Johnson has survived Google copying the product, a micromanaging CEO, Water(scrum)fall, the ‘hack’ coming from inside the house, pandemic-driven organisational change, and HiPPOs everywhere in her two decades in SaaS product management. As VP of Product at Auror, these horrors inform her work in humane team leadership, scalable product practices, and sustainable culture in a fast-growing SaaS organisation. Now she doesn’t break a sweat as she fends off inadvertently propagating social problems faster with code, all while keeping the team happy, and the profit growing. In addition to being VP of Product at Auror, Tanya is also the founder of Auckland’s Women in Tech Meetup, and you can find her on twitter as @pixelwench.

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